Tasting Experiences

Visit our farm kitchen

Sample our delicious dishes

Design your perfect menu

Book a tasting experience at our farm kitchen in Bekesbourne prior to your event to sample our dishes and meet some of the team. Browse our menu pack, select some of our dishes to taste, and work with us to design a bespoke dining experience for your event.

We are committed to excellence in every aspect, and believe that, in order to create the highest quality dishes, you must start with the finest ingredients. All of our fresh produce is carefully sourced from trusted local companies.We are proud to say we can trace the origins of every fresh product we use so that we can ensure the highest standards are maintained. We appreciate that what you put into your food is what you get out of it and are confident this is clearly evident in our dishes.

We are forward-thinking and innovative, and are always striving to embrace new approaches and techniques. We offer specially designed vegan and children’s menus, and firmly believe that dietary restrictions or smaller appetites should not be pre-requisites for restrictions in choice or quality. Every guest at every event deserves the highest standards in food and service.

We pride ourselves on our personability and ability to establish close working relationships with our clients. We understand that every event has unique requirements with regard to catering, be these dietary, presentational, or stylistic, and know collaboration and flexibility are key to the design of the menu and creation of the cherished memories each event deserves.