Feasting and Sharing

One of our favourite styles of food is grand sharing and feasting menus. Weddings and parties are a celebration an as such should accompanied  by a feast to remember. 

Sharing food not only breaks the ice but is a great conversation starter and relaxed people at the table. As the events planner this is also the most stress free food choice as you won’t need to collate or chase food choices  from your guests and there will be something for everyone to eat and enjoy. 

Our sharing feasts can be anything you desire but we specialise in BBQ’s, “Host the Roasts”  and hog and lamb roasts which are served sharing style to the table. Don’t think sharing style needs to be restricted to just your main course, we also have some delicious sharing options for your starer and your dessert. 


The best things in life are edible! At Tayberry Foods we strongly believe that food is one of life’s greatest pleasures, and that the healthiest and most flavoursome food is made from the highest quality seasonal, ingredients. We take great pride in our local sourcing policy, and carefully select trusted local suppliers from whom to source our ingredients. We are proud to say we can trace the origins of every fresh product we use so that we can ensure the highest standards are maintained. We appreciate that what you put into your food is what you get out of it and are confident this is clearly evident in our dishes. 

We work with a fantastic array of suppliers in and around Kent. Our meat is sourced from Preston Butchers which is located 6.5 miles from our kitchen and Turners game Poultry and Meats which is only 1 mile from us. Our fresh fruit and vegetables are provided by Wingham Country Market, only 5.3 miles away, which is grown on a family organic, certificated farm.  For our fish and shellfish we have Jenkins and Sons located in the lovely seaside town of Deal which have been voted by the Great British Foods Awards as one of the best 10 fishmongers in the UK. You can find links to their websites below: