About the Team

Simon Chipperfield.

Tayberry Foods was established in 2012, founded by Head-chef Simon Chipperfield. Simon knew at very early age he wanted to be a chef, and pursued this passion with zeal, gaining a wealth of experience and qualifications in catering and events management. Simon now has over 23 years experience working in the outside catering industry, catering has truly been a life-long passion. His love of food history is apparent throughout the types and styles of food we specialise in. In addition to food cookery, Simon’s other interests include the sci-fi and fantasy genre across books and films.


Senior events and operations manager- Lucy has worked her way up the Tayberry ladder from when she first came to us as a part of our waiting staff and in 2019  was promoted to events manager. Following on from many successful weddings and private events, Lucy is now our Senior events and operations manager. When you book with Tayberry, Lucy will be your first port of call and will guide you in all aspects of your food planning until the very end. Lucy is an accomplished and qualified singer with a love for everything food and celebrations.


Hugh is a phenomenal BBQ chef and loves nothing more than cooking outside and tending to the hot coals and fire cookery.


Trevor’s skills lie fully across the board but his speciality and passion is pastry. Cooking and baking up delicious tarts, cakes and bread, Trevor is our go to guy for something sweet!


James and Simon have worked together for over 20 years and has a wealth of knowledge and experience and can lend his hand to anything put in front of him. He is very personable and has a fantastic collection of snazzy shoes! 

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